TC Tracy

General Manager ~ New Town


GROCERY Grocery? Yep, our whole store is a “grocery store”. Generally that means all the packaged goods, paper and cleaning products, frozen foods, dairy products and all sorts of canned goods. Grocery departments all over have expanded to include a lot more items than ever before. Our store is a little different than others because we set up our store to serve our customers, not the cookie cutter store in suburbia that looks good on paper but does not serve the customer needs first. We have ethnic sections to satisfy almost all needs. We are not your small town store anymore, we want to be your grocery store, your destination for all your grocery shopping. If wedon’t carry an item you really want, ask one of our friendly staff and we will make every effort to get it on our shelves for you. Jason’s Super Foods is committed to giving you, our customers, the best pricing we can, the best service from in stock items to getting your groceries to your car, and everything in between. After all, as customers, you turn into our friends.        

Item availability may vary by location.

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